Left / Over

by Wool See

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Left / Over is a bonus EP of songs that didn't end up on Wool See's Leaving / Left album (out now at woolsee.com)


released November 16, 2017

All music recorded, produced, mixed & mastered by Wool See.


all rights reserved



Heaven Noise Recordings Portland, Oregon

Heaven Noise Recordings is an independent music label that hopes to raise your standards and elevate your view. Founded in 2009.

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Track Name: No Denomination
Kicking up a dust storm
I can see your buzz gone
Waiting for the bus to come
Petty day dreams, interrupted by the breaks squeak
Flash my pass real quick to travel this
Unraveling city where madness fits
But that's about it, too crowded for you if you're human sized,
one upon a time I romanticized it
Now my sights on a far away plot of land, barricade the bothersome, faraday to block the static
Yo I don't need keep the demons out, that's just hearsay
But I should probably get some bear spray
It's official now, million reasons why I left
Traffic getting bottleneck, racists on the TriMet
But this Amerikkka, where privilege is
the thickest institution
Even out here in seclusion
These redneck kooks don't give me second looks
No stares where the subtext put forth
Is no trust or good faith, you misjudged this book

No - that's not me -
No denomination

No - that's not me -
No demographic, i won't have it

No - that's not me -
Save your pamphlet I ain't signing up

No - that's not me -
No soliciting, nobody's listening

Speak your truth I'll swallow mine
Chase with salt and lime
This ain't the time or place to fall in line
All empires fall like pine needles
Supply the vines, we will
Take wraths berries, merrily Convert to wine
Similar to Christ blood
That's the homie, that's your sacrifice plug
except most subscribers don't follow in his footsteps,
wash the feet of poor, forgive thieves and the whores
Break bread with those they secretly abhor
They say turn the other cheek
To which I cheekily retort
Upper or lower? the freak in me is frequently ignored
I'm sorry, I'm trying to be the best I can be
it's a never ending quest just to reset the settings back to default
A cat'll be pulled in more directions than a Lego Deathstar
The grin'll end up crooked like IKEA desk drawers
look, I've said a lot, I'll try to keep the rest short
if history is any indicator, I doubt I'll be successful

I know just where I belong
Far from the cares and the qualms
I'm what you're scared to become
That's fair, I probably have steered me wrong
That only adds to the excitement
Like batman needs a sidekick
A savage needs enlightenment
Or else it's robbing (robin) us the potential magic that this might've been
My address now hiding in some majesty outside the grid..
nature's kingdom is not me in my naturalest environment
Honestly.. downside could be
Lyme disease far as the eye can see
The views dope, just dont go play outside with trees
I'm used to nervous ticks,
not ones that rot a moose nervous system.
Out my element, try telling me that's worse than further in (it's not)
Track Name: Extra Extra
extra extra.. read all about it

Extra shit occurring daily, planet screwed again..
doomsday on loop for the world's saddest superman
Should scoop a grant, scoot the brand
forward using any little boost I can,
'til I thwart luther's plan, send lucifer packing
he's got an Oompa Loompa tan,
toupee like a plume of grass,
Speaks like something out the blooper stash
He duped you assholes
Use his prissy hands for pussy grabbing
To a Bush he bragging
This douchebag got the coolest fans, like klu klux clan
Why am I sweating tho?
I'll never know what it's like to not have this skin tone,
I can fight the tone deafness tho
I'll never know what it's like to not wear this privilege home
White cisgendered male inside of a system that's intended for him
One that promotes his growth, at the cost of others,
so many of us fronting like it ain't selective though
I'm fighting sentinels,
That's easy.. put the X on me,
The real challenge is to dead the white supremacy
Topple the patriarchy
Yell Jenga as it crumbles into entropy
Replace the apathy with energy (gyea)
wake up friends
French roast, I been woke since before this
Fake ass trend
Back when it was called conscious some
did it obnoxious, me
I seldom preach or mourn for those I fail to reach..
the break thru is waiting for you.. I welcomed breach
Ages ago.. in a cell they don't teach what would rattled cages would show
There's something on the other side stirring.. I'm up at night surfing sound waves and brain waves, until the undertow takes me to grave place..
sometimes it feels like such a vain chase
Even if it takes me closer to god..
I look down, see all the souls I forgot..
and suddenly, I'm right back to the potholes in the lawn,
the homeless and lost, the broken and pawned..
I'm in this with y'all.. here's hoping that tomorrow we still going at all..
I'm gone.
Track Name: Open Arms
Had Patience.. it's past tense
A virtue in simpler times perhaps, yes
But before the here and now is even established
by the future it's ravished,
We rush to automate the production,
Planet full of beings suffering in the wake of our consumption
Here I am again, reporting live from "this all obvious as fuck"
y'all prefer oblivious, or what?
In America the hysterical
Feed miracle grow to trolls,
'til they look like Terry Crews
When twitter fingers morph into executive orders,
When let's make a deal goes from boardrooms
To millions deported
That's a bad taste in my mouth, assorted flavors
Of make it great again shout "close the borders"
You can cleanse this place of every ethnic trace and other scapegoat,
but your ethics ain't safe from closer examination
you will be history's assailants

I try my hardest to love you all
I try my hardest but can't break these walls
I try my hardest with open arms
but sometimes I want to welcome you to not exist
There's probably no peace for us pieces of shit

Can we get right, Can we curb this?
I'm saying he can't rule us all with that miniature fist

Can we get right, can we curb this?
we focus on petty squabbles, the big picture is missed

Can we get right, can we curb this?
Dividing lines get clearer while the truths a blurred print

Can we get right can we curb this?
Yay or nay, I'm not sure but either way I'm a disturbance

If widespread dissent descends into the depths of madness,
that's akin to my head has been
So be my neighbor, take up residence..
let's fill these acres with anchors, cuz friendships drift to acquaintance.
But I will not reduce you, not in this inclusive club..
everyone is welcome to seldom receive my newsletter
It reads -
Greeting, happy to connect with you
Unsubscribe link is here, I lead with that cuz I expect you too.. (it's cool)

I don't trust too many folks but don't give most of them a chance though
I been studying them close, there might be problems with the sample
I don't walk outside my door enough, windows boarded up, (practically)
I'm quarantined and only know of those who flash across my screen
what a ghastly bunch, can't ask too much..
The left dissect a nazi punch,
the right insist George Soros paying protesters a handsome sum..
there's not just one phantom menace though, that's the thing
for every Trump and Bannon, there's a battalion waiting in the wings
Rich men with an agenda, find puppets and pay for strings
the public reads their tailored feeds and place blind faith in favorite teams..
I'm not here for it.. let the record show
These refugees you show
No empathy, is a recipe that eventually explodes (you did this)

Burning down
Burning down
All lives in Pain (it don't matter tho)
some die in vain
Blood on your hands, you can't escape it
as for me, there's a murder scene on this apron
No cows, bird, pigs but I eat the poor
I'd prefer to eat the rich, I guess that's what dreams are for
Track Name: Blueberry Muffin
I will, one of these days fix my spaceship
And ditch this roc like my name was jay-z
but for now..
Impatient stasis,
wading thru waves of malaise
Inefficacious.. (look it up)
evading basics,
like I'm on the run from the jakes and it's a 5 star chase
My mind's odd
Your pine box is my stargate
I sip the mixture now I'm trailing hale bopp
I reach far like whale talk.. underneath this pale top
What you seeing,
Lights sparsely flicker in the darkness, encased in a thick skull,
some fatty tissue for caution..
step back, yellow tape wrap the scene for a reason.
It's decorative and promethazines for the sneezing
I don't live that life, just thankful that I live a life
at times it feels so nick at night
except the fights with wifey got no one laughing
and shit ain't 30-minutes light, but we get thru it tho,
Roseanne and Dan, the heaviness is beautiful,
unusually brutal for this network and and time slot,
but it's not like we're bending divine laws
This is simple like a downward facing dog..
I stay bent like a coward stays at large
and I know it's hard to love me... but you're advanced
I'm down here with the ants, I can't sing, I can't dance. But I can make an ass of myself fast
.. how fast? Like if the Flash could only run to
Conclusions like this red suit looks dumb huh?
Superman can do it all, like he's got speed, the strength and the fly cape.. if I'm not running a bullet could definitely kill me..
Track Name: Used To See
I used to see,

I used to see history as relevant

but we refuse to gain even a ‘lil from it

not even a motherufkcin 'lil from it

Nothing matters I guess, the past don’t exist, facts for the twisting

everybody in this room see the elephant
but no matter what you do, don’t speak ill of it
its a sensitive subject, and subjective and such
we a sensitive bunch got our panties in a wait,
what that’s a sexist assumption, I ain’t pressing no buttons
everything’s on a spectrum, and I ain’t casting no judgement
gender fixed or fluid, Caitlyn Jenner or Bruce, Antwon or Harrison,
with the fairer skin choose.., a more accurate comparison.. experiment, let the freak free, believe whatever you want and don’t read deep.. find the bubble that supports it, media reinforce, breitbart & infowars, is it AJ* and slate, hows your feed taste today.. new technology integrated, just to keep us segregated.. so antiquated.. the game has been rigged, and its staying

long before there was bernie bros vs red hats
before obama had us all saying yes we can
before bush/cheney before 911
before clinton signed the Violent crime control act
before that
I was a younging
in the midst of the gulf war, wonder what who we were funding
(doesn’t matter.. )
Born in Reagan terms,
Some hail him savi-or
devil to the huddled masses, in need of a living wage to earn..
Trying to get a drip of that trickle down.. but instead, getting tricked by that tinsel town.. glitz
back door deals.. funding contra rebels
is it coincidence - when the crack cocaine start flooding through inner cities.. or nah?
and the private prison industry profits
now a new talking head in office telling us how crime torn the streets are, once more, like we ain’t seen this before

today music nerds and hipsters, got it so easy, couldn’t be simpler, when I started recording, couldn’t leave the studio without a disc burnt
now we in the clouds like the Simpsons title screen, or the that dude in mario who drops those spikey things
now these little babies collecting, tapes and records, heard it sound better
mom & pops closed but they got you at urban outfitters
The president knows all about twitter
apparently some americans don’t know about hitler
some liberals thinking all lives matter too
here’s camera one, camera two
look them square in the eyes and pander to ‘em
feign sincerity, insert fangs carefully then begin to draw
as if it’s a straw, to sip life force direct from the poorest necks,
normalize and accept, own deaths

it’s not just history fam
the whole syllabus is bullshit to me fam
who needs health education or sex ed
keep it in your pants until marriage that’s your best bet
throwout the science texts, says the climates warmer
build a museum where humans lived with dinosaurs
All we need is jesus , oil, guns, nukes and dollars
In god we trust
the truth is ours
We stacking this.. Build a billionare’s dream cabinet
lavishness, net worth peppered with Commas
like I got all of the jobs the presidick promised
Dishonest racketeering
any opposition in the path I’m smearing
Vladimir and Don Don sitting in a tree
c o n s p i r i n g
cyber, cyber
I’m in the comment section
blessed with the knowledge of insiders
no discretion influencing in microcosm
but the internet spread it like wildfire
cite your sources, I credit reddit threads
democrats in DC, eating Pizza with a side a pedophilia
Look this all some sarcasm, my actual stance is
we don’t really know shit, should own it but always work towards expansion

But uh, you know.. try to find credible sources I guess. I don’t know man.. screw it.

Drain the swamp by throwing a golden coif in it.. sound logic.

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